Terms and conditions for GHBankSmart service use
Terms and conditions for GHBankSmart service use

GH Bank, hereinafter referred to as the "Bank" is launching GHBankSmart services under the following terms and conditions.

1. Applicants can access "GHBankSmart" for the following services: Bank account balances, account statements, transferring funds to own account or GH Bank accounts, debt and other GH Bank account payments, External transfer, Top-up E-Wallet, Register PromptPay, debt payment receipt requests, products and services payments, tracking online loan application status, loan account balances, repayments calculations, registration installment payment calculations, loan requests and address changes.
2. Applicants can access "GHBankSmart" services for 24 hours a day under the following conditions:
  2.1 Internal Transfers
    2.1.1 Within own GH Bank accounts
    - Amount not exceeding Bt500,000/transaction
    - Amount not exceeding Bt500,000/day
    2.1.2 To other GH Bank accounts
    - Amount not exceeding Bt200,000/transaction
    - Amount not exceeding Bt200,000/day
  2.2 External transfer (with account number) and PromptPay transfer (with National ID, Juristic Person Registration number and Mobile number)
    - External Transfer with account number amount not exceeding Bt50,000/transaction
    - PromptPay Transfer amount not exceeding Bt200,000/transaction
    - Amount not exceeding Bt200,000/day
  2.3 Top Up E-Wallet
    - Amount not exceeding Bt7,500/transaction
    - Amount not exceeding Bt50,000/day
  2.4 Products and services payments
    - Amount not exceeding Bt200,000/transaction
    - Amount not exceeding Bt200,000/day
3. Bank will publish GHBankSmart service usage methods and conditions. Applicants must access services with their "User names" and "Passwords" under conditions specified by the "Bank" for each type of service that shall be binding for all applicants without documentary signatures. If other persons gain knowledge of the PIN, applicants shall immediately notify Bank, cancel PIN and request a new PIN in accordance with Bank prescribed procedures.
4. Applicants must change initial "User names" and "Passwords" often. User names, PINs and Passwords must be kept confidential and not disclosed to any other persons. If other persons gain knowledge, applicants shall immediately change User names and Passwords.
5. If applicants enter User names and Passwords more than prescribed number of times permitted by Bank, services shall be immediately suspended. Applicants must contact Bank to reactivate services.
6. Applicants accept responsibility for all actions when User names or Passwords are used. All such actions shall be considered to have been conducted by applicants. Applicants are liable for all such actions conducted even by third parties without consent.
7. If the electrical or computer systems are inoperative or under repair, applicants cannot claim damages from the Bank for interrupted services.
8. Applicants acknowledge and agree that Bank can adjust, change or enhance services and / or terms and conditions at any time. The Bank will announce any such changes not less than 15 days in advance of such changes through "GHBankSmart" service channels or GH Bank head office and branches, websites, media releases or the other appropriate means. Applicants must agree to be any additional terms and conditions.
9. These terms and conditions are in effect even if Bank or applicants change deposit or loan accounts numbers.
10. Applicants agree to pay Bank's announced service fees (excluding VAT). The Bank reserves the sole right to change service fees at any time without notice. Bank will provide not less than 30 days notice at all Bank's branches , websites, media releases or the other appropriate means. Applicants permit Bank to deduct service fees from any accounts.
11. If applicants damage the Bank while using services, they agree to pay all damages and costs to the Bank without conditions.
12. Bank will transfer applicants funds only if terms and conditions are correctly followed:
  The Bank will not transfer funds under the following circumstances:
  - Applicant's deposit accounts have insufficient funds.
  - Applicant's deposit accounts are suspended.
  - The deposit accounts are under legal proceedings.
  - The Bank encounters technical problems and informs applicants before or during funds transfer process.
  - Applicants violate Bank's terms and conditions or force majeure.
13. Applicants can transfer funds to:
  - own accounts,
  - other person's accounts,
  - their own accounts or other person's accounts in different banks.
  - Pay product or service fees
  - PromptPay Transfer
  - Top Up E-Wallet
  - Transfers for any other purposes
  Daily transfer amounts cannot exceed Bank announced maximum limits.
  Bank will deduct funds together with fees from applicants accounts. Funds will then be transferred to designated recipients.
14. When applicants use GHBankSmart transfer services, Bank will send notices by E-mails and/ or SMS and/or by any other means to confirm transaction processes and inform recipients at applicants request.
15. Applicants accept and acknowledge the following;
  - If applicants deposit balance is zero or has insufficient funds,
  - Applicants attempt to withdraw funds in excess of Bank's policy limits,
  - If applicants have unpaid service fees.
  - If applicants don't adhere to Bank's terms and conditions, or
  - If Bank has issues or problems with the services, the Bank shall immediately suspend or cancel services as appropriate without notice. Applicants agree not to claim any damages from the Bank
16. Bank will not disclose financial data, service transactions or any data related to applicants to third parties without applicants' consent except to agencies or parties who have authority to initiate such as request according to law, court orders, BOT orders or legally authorized persons.
Applicants can permit Bank to disclosed information to third parties if they provide written consent to the Bank through authorized Bank channels.
17. If applicants suffer damage because of Bank errors, applicants must report any damage to the Bank for rectification. Applicants must provide any information that Bank requests; Bank will then investigate and resolve any errors (if any) within 30 days from the date that the Bank receives complete information and in line with above information. Bank will also clarify operating processes and inform customers how errors will be resolved errors within 7 days.

  Applicants can suspend or cancel any Bank's services by contacting any Bank branch or Contact Center Tel 02-645-9000.
18. The Bank reserves the right to cancel all or some part of the services to applicants at any time. Bank will provide not less than 15 days notice at all Bank branches.
19. Terms and conditions of use are enforceable and interpreted according to the laws of Thailand. Thai courts have jurisdiction over disputes arising out of the terms and conditions for use of this service.
20. All documents, letters or notices are sent by the Bank to applicants postal or Email address. If applicants change addresses or contact numbers, they must immediately inform Bank.
  Applicants agree to be bound by letters or notices sent legally to the applicant.
  If applicants change addresses, office or E-mail, they must inform the Bank in writing immediately.